Martial Art NYC school provides classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Kickboxing, Krav Maga, (Self Defense), and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for children and adults.

3 New York City (NYC) locations in Manhattan.

Martial Art NYC School offers Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) classes in Manhattan, New York City using a comprehensive approach to self defense. Our programs use encouraging positive reinforcement, respect, and discipline to motivate students to reach higher levels of self defense skills and overall fitness.

Through fun and demanding self defense classes, we emphasize individual progress, as well as self-improvement and self-confidence. We offer mixed martial aets classes in Manhattan for adults, and children ages 3 and up. Eeach program is specifically designed to meet the age appropriate needs of the students.

Combining personal growth themes, self defense classes, and professionalism that no other self defenses organization can compare to, parents know that their children are Karate for Childrensafe and well taken care of, and that the training they receive provides benefits beyond self defense.

For children, self defenses schools helps boost your child's levels of confidence, energy and spirit. So much so, he (or she) would become unstoppable! Unstoppable in his pursuit of:

  • Academic achievement
  • High self esteem
  • A fit, healthy lifestyle

With what we now, not only will your child want to achieve these powerful qualities, we can guarantee it!

For adults, our mixed martial arts self defense workout will improve your conditioning, will help you lose weight, will teach you self-defense and will help you rid yourself of the feelings of stress we all build up during the day. Developing fitness and self-confidence is on top of the list of goals we incorporate into our self defense classes.

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